IMMa Mattress Warranty

IMMa Latex Mattress Limited 10-Years Warranty

Believing in our high quality Natural Latex Bedding Products, IMMa Mattress provides its valuable customers with a ten (10) year limited warranty promise.


What this Limited Warranty Covers:

This Limited Warranty lasts for a period of ten (10) years, with such time dating from the date of the product purchase as noted as your sales slip or as may be otherwise evidenced by appropriate documentation. Proof of direct, authorized purchase is required with all warranty claims.  This warranty applies to IMMa Latex Mattress and Topper (Mattress/Topper’s Cover is not included in this warranty).

Mattresses are designed to work on a firm, solid-surface, on a bed base that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the Mattress and user(s). This Warranty does not cover your Product if you use it in a manner incompatible with that intended design.

 Note: This warranty does not include covers.

Who this Limited Warranty is extended to:

This Limited Warranty extends to the initial, “original” purchaser of this product only and not to any possible future owner(s) of the product. For purposes of this Limited Warranty an “original” purchaser is the individual or entity who purchased the product from IMMa Mattress directly or, as the case may be, from an authorized retailer, distributor or dealer.

What this Limited Warranty Covers:

IMMa Mattress warrants that the Mattress/Topper to be free of defects. For purposes of this Limited Warranty, a defect includes the following:

  • “Sinkage” or “indentations” in the Mattresses/Topper  measuring one inch or more deep.
  • Any cracks or splits of the Latex of the Mattress/Topper which significantly impact the performance of the Mattress/Topper as long as such damage is not due to any abuse or misuse by the users, including the lack of proper support of the mattress/topper or improper handling of the mattress/topper.


What this Limited Warranty Does Not Cover:

This Limited Warranty does NOT cover the following:

  • Damage due to the product due to improper support of the mattress/topper, damage due to the product due to improper handling of the mattress/topper or to any damage caused by roughhousing or other misuse, including, but not limited to: burns, spills, bodily fluids, cuts, etc.
  • Dissatisfaction due to subjective comfort.
  • Deterioration of the mattress/topper due to normal wear and tear including slight Latex indentations of less than one (1) inch.
  • Any product used in a commercial setting such as a hotel, bed and breakfast, motel, hospital, nursing home, group home, etc. Commercial warranty terms apply in such a case and not the terms of this Limited Warranty.
  • Any mattress/topper sold by re-sellers who are not authorized retailers.
  • Product sold “as-is”, “preconditioned”, “reconditioned”, “used”, “comfort return”, “returned”, “previously owned”, or any other similar wording indicating that the Mattress/Topper is not “new” or of “first quality”, or has previously been purchased or used by another consumer.

 Note: This warranty does not include covers.

How to file a claim under this Limited Warranty:

To file a claim under the terms of this Limited Warranty, please contact IMMa Mattress at 0623299987 or by emailing us at Please have your proof of purchase documentation ready and available. In the event that a warranty claim is filed and a product replacement is deemed necessary, purchaser must surrender the original product to IMMa Mattress.


In the event that you, the purchaser, makes a claim under this Limited Warranty, IMMa Mattress will, within thirty days of its receipt of your returned mattress/topper, repair or replace it, if is found to be defective. Replaced or repaired products are subject to the same limited Warranty as the original Mattress/Topper. If you obtain a replaced or repaired product, the warranty term of the replaced or repaired Mattress/Topper begins from the date of purchase of the original product.


 While IMMa Mattress will pay for shipping costs associated with the replacement product to the original purchaser, any shipping costs incurred with the return of a mattress/topper from the purchaser to IMMa Mattress will be borne by the purchaser.




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