Latex Mattress & Topper

Premium quality & Comfortable Latex mattress, made of 100% Natural Tha latex. IMMa mattresses are designed in a way to conform to the shape of your body and provide sufficient support to your spine during sleep helping you feel a natural sleep experience.

Pocket Spring &
Bonnell Spring Mattress

Bonnell spring mattress systems are the most traditional type of innerspring mattress. The Bonnell coil has an hour glass shape (wider at the bottom and the top than the middle) and are interconnected with a mesh of metal to make the spring system.

A pocket spring mattress is made from individual pocket springs. Each pocket spring is enclosed within its own fabric pocket. Working independently from each other, each spring reacts only to the pressure applied to that area. This results in a greater level of personalised support and response for each person sleeping on the mattress.

Latex Pillow

Our 100% natural latex pillow is a perfect addition to any mattress. It is completely Soft and supportive. Our Latex pillows provide unparalleled comfort.

IMMa Latex Pillow is a perfect finishing touch for your new bed. Do you want to improve your sleeping experience, this pillow is a great place to start.