Why IMMa

No doubt that the secret to a healthy sleep, is inside your pillows and mattress. That is why we do our best to produce the highest quality natural latex pillow in order to provide our respected buyers an optimal sleeping experience.

The head is known for regulating 25% of your body heat. When your head stays cool, your body will have a stable temperature as well. All IMMa Pillows are highly breathable and helps regulating warmth.

anti heat pillow -IMMA
anti alergy pillow thailand-IMMa

On top of warmth regulation the moisture dissipation of IMMa natural latex pillow & Mattress helps against allergies. Less warmth and moist means there is no ground for dust mites, mold or mildew to develop. This makes the pillow hypo-allergenic. Free of any petro-chemical product Natural Latex pillows are the healthy choice to make.

IMMa Features

Soft & Supportive

IMMa natural latex pillow is ideal for a good night’s sleep, creating the perfect alignment for your spine. Its softness relieves your body’s pressure points, while it provides support for your shoulders, back, neck and, most of all, your head.

Everybody sleeps in different positions and has a different type of body. That is why we handcraft IMMa natural latex pillow ensuring that back, side, or stomach sleepers get the healthiest restorative sleep.And the best is that everyone can enjoy its benefits: it does not matter if you are an adult, teen, child or even a baby, our natural latex pillow is suitable for everybody!


Our natural latex pillow offers you a range of health benefits. Its open cell structure allows air to circulate, making it more breathable for your head. Thanks to its breathability, our natural latex pillow helps you to feel comfortably warm during a cold winter night and to prevent you from sweating during the heat of summer.

Dust Mite Resistant

IMMa natural latex pillows are dust mite resistant by nature, perfect against asthma and dust mite allergy. Its natural resistance to dust mites will give you the pleasure of a truly restorative night’s sleep.

Long Life Span

Our natural latex pillows are produced with the purest quality of natural latex and are built to last more than 10 years as they will not sag, tear or break.

IMMa Natural Latex Pillow suitable for Back, Side or Active Sleepers

It does not matter how you sleep, we have the right pillow for you.

Do you sleep on your back or on your side? Or maybe you are an active sleeper. A lot of people are active sleepers. If you move a lot in sleep, or regularly turn over and also sleep on your back for part of the time, you are an active sleeper. It means that you do not sleep in one position only.

Our product portfolio ranges from standard pillows, contour pillows, knobby pillows and bolster pillows and different size of mattress. We recommend getting advice from our experienced team to find the right product for you. IMMa natural latex pillow supports your head, neck and shoulders, enabling your muscles to relax. Our natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep.